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Senior leader with 20 years experience in digital, design, product and tech.

I typically head up digital teams, departments and projects. Read more about What I Do.

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What I do

I build digital things. I help teams build digital things.

The first 10 years of my career I was a practitioner, designing and building online systems.

The last 10 years has been mostly management and leadership. Coaching, managing managers, leading departments and senior sponsorship.

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This has given me a deep level of knowledge and experience that enables me to coach and mentor happy teams who solve really interesting problems. Read more about How I do it.

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How I do it

With a focus on people, context and environment... I never enter a situation with a pre-conceived solution. Digital and design tend to be complex, emergent work. After aligning on solid vision, I build sturdy guardrails via standards and stated intent, before empowering teams to find their way forward in the most appropriate and efficient way. Read more about What I've Done.

  • Design led
  • Sense-making
  • Mapping
  • Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Real business agility

What I've done

I've worked with a number of financial institutions to lead digital, design, product and tech.


Senior leadership guiding an awesome team during a period of change. Org design, digital, mobile, product etc.


Top to bottom front to back ownership of web platform to facilitate customer account switching.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Pull together and inspire a crack team of researchers and designers, to define the future branch network.

Williams and Glyn

Senior leadership setting up a new bank from scratch. Digital and web strategy, people and process.

Over 100 written recommendations on LinkedIn, check out my profile: Craig McPheat on LinkedIn. If you've got an interesting problem that needs solving, and want to pull together a team of exciting high performing people, give me a shout to find out How I Can Help You.

How I can help you

Available to lead your teams, map your context, strategise, plan for the future and deliver cool shit.

For contract and consulting opportunities
General enquiries email: inbox [at] this domain.

No recruiters, no head-hunters, no sales.