Financial services on the RNIB radar


The RNIB are a charity who give advice and support to blind and partially sighted population in the UK. They’re vocal campaigners of equal rights for everyone regardless of visual ability and have launched numerous legal actions against companies with non compliant websites in terms of the Equality Act 2010. The most recent example of this was serving legal proceedings on bmibaby in January.

Financial services

They’ve had a keen interest in financial services for years, but in late 2011 reported banks were failing blind customers, and more recently launched the Talking Cash Machine campaign aimed at making ATMs accessible to the blind.

Their interest in banks looks to be stepping up, with the launch of The Banking Experience this Monday 23rd April. This event will launch the attached document which is a best practice guide for building a more inclusive experience for all customers.

Why is this relevant to our interests?

Aside from the obvious moral responsibilities (corporate social responsibility), there are legal implications of not complying with the Equality Act, which the RNIB are happy to point out very publicly via the press and legal challenges.

Number one in the RNIB ten point checklist is “train your staff.” We all need to be aware about the impact of inaccessible solutions, first to the customer and second to our reputation.